Pirates of the Caribbean - Walt Disney World, Orlando Florida
The Chess Board Stalemate Rumor
(and now, general photos of the ride as well)

It started with taking pictures of the chess board to see if it was a stalemate, then to see if it moved. I ride this ride a lot because I really like it. One day I had a chance to take pics of the ride. There was no one on it. Four boats ahead of me were empty, we were the only ones in ours and another four or five boats empty behind me. Normally, I wouldn't take pics because it would disturb everyone else, but faced with this great chance when no one was around, I clicked away. So I have a chance to show you some of the ride. (Photos shown in ride order)
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(Note: These photos are PRE the 2006 rehab and show the ride before the Jack Sparrow additions were made)

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