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I make the cutest little clay penguins.

It started innocently enough. I saw a little guide online to making Birds with Teeth. Tried one of those but had problems, so instead, I made the second smaller and sans teeth. Sure enough, a penguin revolution was born!

-- the two original penguins --

They look adorable on your desk or monitor and are even more perfect for Linux fans. Several people have bought them off me and had me make some for them after seeing them in my journal. So I decided to set up a small page to show them off on a permanent basis and offer them up for anyone who wants one.

Each penguin is handmade. No two are exactly alike. The process of sculpting one of these cute fellows takes about an hour. They are a labor of love. They're made of a non-toxic polymer clay that's cured through a cooking process. They little; so they stand about 2" high. They don't need much upkeep - no need to feed 'em! - but you will want to take care not to drop them or they can break. But, even broken penguins are easily repaired with a touch of super glue.

Update 2014: I didn't even know this page was still on the web. I haven't made these in about a decade. I'm removing the PayPal link since this is not something I make any more. You can view my etsy shop PhoenixFire Designs to see what I offer these days or contact me with questions about custom orders.

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*Please note: Each penguin is hand made to order so please allow at least a week after ordering for your penguin to ship. Delivery times vary but tend to be 3-7 business days for most destinations within the US and longer for international destinations. If there is a rush, please let me know. We can arrange expedited shipping (Priority Mail, etc.) at additional cost. | PhoenixFire Designs