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Sugar Cookie Recipe - my mom's delicious recipe

Tea Biscuits Recipe - another yummy type of cookie that uses a pastry filling

My LiveJournal - It's a mirror of my domain journal with some added quizzes. Basically just another place to read it for those of you who prefer LJ.

Silver Jewelry Club - is a wonderful site that offers genuine sterling silver and gemstone jewelry for a total cost of only $5.99 shipping. It's not a scam and their items are really nice. Item changes every 15 minutes so keep checking back for new selections.

PhoenixFire Designs - I create beautiful, hand crafted jewelry. I also sell hand made, wearable horns suitable for Halloween, Renn Fairs, LARP or Cosplay among other things. I also can create custom items on request.

Win with Me on Blingo - is a Google based search engine with a great perk; you can win prizes. I've won twice with them so I can vouch it's completely legit. It's free, you won't get spam, spyware or pop-ups. Just google search results and prizes.

My Disney Pages - I've collected a lot of galleries of Walt Disney World and related, so I've put it all together here in one place. Great photos of the parks, characters, events and occasions spanning from 1972 - current.





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