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Name: Kush-ka

Birthday: March 16, 1990

Age: 13

Sex: Male (fixed)

Weight: Normal: 12.5lbs

Fur Color: Solid Grey

Eye Color: Yellow-Green

Breed: Russian Blue

Favorite Foods: Ice Cream, cheese, chicken, tuna, Cheese-Its

Favorite Spot to Sleep: Anywhere there's a sunbeam

Favorite Spot to Lay: on someone's lap (especially if they're doing something else at the time)

Favorite Forbidden Snack: Grass or ribbon (he pukes both up on the carpet)

Favorite Toy: Catnip

Favorite Scratching Spot: His Kitty Condo (good kitty)

Claws? Yes, all ten

Came to be with M? Found by M's mom as a tiny kitten who had been sleeping on a car tire in a residential yard in FL. M's mom took the grey ball of fur home to then 13 year old M to bathe and it was love at first sight. Kush and M have been together since.

About the Name: 13 year old M wanted a unique name for her new cat and asked a friend's mom (who was from Russia) how to say "cat" in Russian. The friend's mom told her and the best she remembered it as was sounding like "kush-ka" and so, that's what she named him. (phonetically spelling it) Of course, years later, she found out that it was the word for a female cat, but that's ok, he doesn't need to know that.

And, ironically enough, she found out after naming him "cat" in Russian, that his breed was in fact a Russian Blue. :)

Silly things: M's mom calls Kush "monkey tail" because it's always curled at the end - look in the pics and see for yourself! :)

M used to call Kush "Mr. Investigator" because he had to get into everything. To this day, he has to see, sniff, and be part of everything she does.

Sad thing: Kush is dying from cancer. He's been through two surgeries already the past year-and-a-half and the tumors keep coming back. Needless to say, this is tragic and painful news for his mom. Thoughts, prayers, and other forms of well-wishing are welcomed that he be healthy as long as possible.

*update April 03: It's been seven months since being called terminal. He celebrated his 13th birthday with us on March 16, 2003 but now, a little over a month later, the two tumors have reached a critical point where the he is nothing but bone, fur, and tumors. It's finally that time. Tuesday, April 22, 2003 I am forced to let him go. His appointment has been set and as of this writing, I will be enjoying my last few days with him as much as I can. It's been a hell of a lot of fun and I'll never for a moment stop loving him, but I need to let him go as he's now in pain and that's not right. Thank you everyone for your kindness and your words and thoughts. The site will remain as his memorial indefinitely.

Welcome to Kush-ka's Website!


Kush-ka (or just "Kush" for short) is the way cool cat of M's. He's just so cute and adorable in fact, that she was compelled to create a gallery of photos just about him.

 last updated: 4/19/03

Our time is almost up. 
He is in pain now and though he still eats, he is down to fur and bones. 
I've called the vet and made his final appointment. 
Tuesday, April 22, 2003, I will be letting Kush-ka go.
Here are some thoughts I wrote up, a history of Kush and I together.
I love you Kush-ka, now and always. 
Thank you for the gift of your life.

:: Happy 13th Birthday to Kush-ka, Sunday, March 16th, 2003 ::
Thank you for thirteen wonderful years where you taught me the joys of unconditional love. 
I only wish we had 13 more.


Kush Sleeping - on Couch

Kush Sleeping - on Bed

Kush Sleeping - on Floor (in Sunbeams)

Kush Sleeping - On Chair, on Pillow

Kush Cat-Napping (Assorted)

Kush on Kitty Condo

Kush Hanging out on the window sill

Kush Sitting

Kush Playing

Kush Assorted

Kush Eating Yogart

Kush After a Bath

Kush on the Patio

Kush Playing with Clear Beading String

Kush Showing off his Love of Small Spaces like Boxes and Pantries

Kush Being His Quirky, Cute Self

Kush Eating with His Paws

Merry Kush-mas! (Xmas 02)

Kush Napping & Being Cute

Kush Assorted - 2003

Kush Assorted - March/April 2003


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