:: M's Birthday is May 16th ::

that makes me a taurus. 
earthy, stubborn, likes rich things

:: Gifts or just cards/notes can go to ::

M. Turner
PO Box 1484
Elfers, FL 34680

be kind! it's my mother's po box!

:: This is some stuff that I like ::

Amazon Wishlist

Large Moon Pentacle Pendant

Melusine Pendant with Garnet

Witches Knot Pendant

Goddess Pentacle

Items from Coconut Beauty Hut
Scents: Pineapple Slices, Apricot Nectar, Blackberry Jam Cookie Tart, Chocolate Lava Cake, Creamsicle Cake, Marshmallow Cake, Raspberry Apricot Crepe Cake, Vanilla Nut Cake, Wahine Wipeout Punch
(esp. love more Beach Baby Perfume!)

:: Other stuff that'd be cool ::

beads, charms, jewelry findings
stationary sets
dip pen ink, nibs, or related
disney stuff
non-religious angel stuff
things with faeries
clothes money
gift certificates for fun stuff (food, outings)
crafty stuff, kits, etc.
fantasy novels (used is fine)

:: Or just a couple bucks for whatever ::