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This is a list of the Changeling: The Dreaming sourcebooks I own 
(sorted by White Wolf's stock number)

Cover Art Book Title Item Number Copyright Date; Page Numbers; Colors Cover Price
Changeling: The Dreaming  WW7000 1995; 293pp; full color $25.00
Book of Storytellers Secrets WW7001 1995; 64pp; full color  
Freeholds and Hidden Glens WW7002 1995; 126pp; full color $15.00
The Autumn People WW7004 1995; 96pp; full color $12.00
The Shadow Court WW7005 1997; 122pp; full color $18.00
Nobles: The Shinning Host WW7006 1995; 115pp; full color $12.00
Isle of the Mighty WW7007 1995; 190pp; full color $22.00
The Enchanted
(Year of the Ally)
WW7008 1997; 103pp; full color $16.00
Changeling Storyteller Guide WW7009 1998; 144pp; black and white  
The Fool's Luck: 
The Way of the Commoner 

(Year of the Reckoning)
WW7010 1999; 127pp; black and white $17.95
Changeling Players Kit WW7003 1995; 12pp; full color $12.00
Kithbook: Trolls WW7050 1996; 68pp; full color $12.00
Kithbook: Sluagh WW7051 1997; 68pp; full color $12.00
Kithbook: Nockers WW7052 1997; 72pp; full color  
Kithbook: Satyrs WW7053 1998; ISBN 1-56504-728-1; 72pp $15
Kithbook: Redcaps WW7055 1999; 96pp; black and white  
Kithbook: Eshu WW7056 2001; ISBN 1-56504-785-0; 96pp; black & white $14.95
Kithbook: Pooka WW7057 1999; ISBN 1-56504-729-x; 96pp $15?
Players Guide WW7100 1996; 190pp; full color $22.00
Immortal Eyes Trilogy:
The Toybox
(book 1)
WW7200 1995; 152pp; full color  
Immortal Eyes Trilogy: 
Shadows on the Hill
WW7201 ?; 149pp; full color $15.00
Immortal Eyes Trilogy:
Court of All Kings
WW7207 1996; 152pp; full color  
Changeling: The Dreaming 
Second Edition
WW7300 1997; 289pp; full color (Hardcover) $30.00
Book of Lost Dreams WW7302 1997; 60pp; black and white $15.00
Dreams and Nightmares WW7303 1997; 128pp; black and white $16.00
Pour L'Amour Et Liberte: 
The Book of Houses 2
WW7304 1999; 150pp; black and white $21.95
Noblesse Oblige: 
The Book of Houses
WW7305 1998; 141 pp; black and white $18.00
Kingdom of Willows WW7306 1998; ISBN 1-56504-720-6; 176pp; black and white $18
Inanimae: the Secret Way WW7307 1998; ISBN 1-56504-721-4; 120pp; black and white $16.00
Land of Eight Million Dreams 
(Year of the Lotus)
WW7308 1998; ISBN 1-56504-722-2; 152pp $18.00
War in Concordia WW7309  1999; ISBN: 1-56504-724-9 ; 127pp; b&w $18.00
Denizens of the Dreaming WW7310 1999; 96pp; 1-56504-734-6; black and white $15?
Book of Lost Houses:
The Second Coming
WW7311 1999; 128pp; black and white  
Storyteller's Screen n/a Full color art (Rebecca Guay) w/B&W stats  
Storyteller's Screen
*believe this came with
Storyteller's Secrets book
n/a Full color art (Matt LeBlanc) w/color stats  


Changeling: The Dreaming Fringe/Cross-over and related Sourcebooks that I own

Cover Art Book Title Item Number Copyright Date; Page Numbers; Colors Cover Price

Rage Across Appalachia 
(for Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Changeling: The Dreaming)
WW3107 1995; 157pp; black and white $18.00

The Shining Host 
(Changeling: The Dreaming 
for Mind's Eye Theater)
WW5009 1998; 232pp; black and white $15.00

The Shining Host Players Guide
(Changeling: The Dreaming 
for Mind's Eye Theater)
? 2001; ISBN: 158846508X;  $15.00

coming soon

Mind's Eye Theater: Laws of the Hunt (rules for Dauntain) WW5014 1998; 182; ISBN: 1-56504-505-x; black & white $15.00

Mind's Eye Theater Journal #2
(Article: Nunnehi for the Shining Host)
WW5402 1999; 80pp; black and white $7.95

Blood-Dimmed Tides
(two merfolk kiths introduced)
WW 03350 1999; ISBN: 1-56504-354-5; 99pp $17.95
Time of Judgment WW5399 2004; ISBN 1-58846-475-X; 224pp $29.99




Changeling: The Dreaming Novels that I own

Cover Art Book Title Author Printing Date; ASIN Number Cover Price
Pomegranates Full and Fine Don Bassingthwaite 1995; 443pp; 156504889x $5.99
not available The Toybox 
(Immortal Eyes Trilogy: Book1)
Jackie Cassada 1995; 379 pp; 1565048601 $5.99
Shadows on the Hill 
(Immortal Eyes Trilogy Book2)
Jackie Cassanda 1996; 363pp; 156504861X $5.99

Court of All Kings 
(Immortal Eyes Trilogy Book3)
Jackie Cassanda 1996; 399pp; 1565048628 $5.99
The Splendor Falls Erin Kelly, Stewart Wieck 1995; 380pp; 1565048636 ?
Essential World of Darkness
("Playing With Fire" by Esther M. Friesner)
Stewart Wieck;
Anna Branscome
1997; 720pp; 1-56504-864-4 ?
The Quintessential World of Darkness
("The Muse" by Jody Lynn Nye)
Stewart Wieck;
Anna Branscome
1998; 718; 1-56504-880-6 $15.99



Changeling: The Dreaming Misc. that I own


Cover Art Item Printing Date; Product Number; ISBN Number MSRP

Changeling Pin (Butterfly) unknown $4.99

Changeling Dice 199?, WW7504; 1-56504-798-2 $6.99

Changeling Cantrip Cards
1995; WW7900; 1-56504-790-7 $2.50/pack

Arcadia: The Wyld Hunt (CCG) (assorted) unknown $2.50/pack?

coming soon

Changeling Promotional Poster 1995 (?) is the full color cover image n/a

Changeling Promotional Booklet 1995 (?) full color; 16pp; introduces the new Changeling line n/a



I am searching for the following books to buy. 
If you have any, please contact me and we can discuss price.

Cover Art

Book Title Item Number Copyright Date; Page Numbers; Colors Cover Price Going Price
Dark Ages: Fae WW20008 May 2004; ISBN 1-58-846292-7 ; 224pp $29.99 same
Dark Ages: Vampire
(required to play Fae)
WW20000 2002; ISBN 1-58846-276-5; 296pp $29.99 same


Crossover and related fringe books I am looking to buy.
If you have any, please contact me and we can discuss price.

Cover Art Book Title Item Number Copyright Date; Page Numbers; Colors Cover Price Going Price
Changeling Promotional Window Cling (Immortal Eyes) n/a ? It's the image of all the book spines in proper order n/a n/a
Arcadia King Ironheart's Madness (CCG) Character Cards WW7502 36 packs per box ? ?
Arcadia King Ironheart's Madness (CCG) Story Pack WW7500 36 packs per box ? ?
coming soon Arcadia: The Wyld Hunt (CCG) Story Pack WW7905 24 packs per box ? ?
coming soon Arcadia: The Wyld Hunt (CCG) Character Pack ? 24 packs per box ? ?


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